Resurgence Group, LCC.

Resurgence Group is a woman-owned, Cincinnati-based real estate consulting firm specializing in urban redevelopment management. We engage both public and private entities in the revitalization of underutilized properties using a systematic approach to resolve ownership, environmental, and funding issues that obstruct redevelopment opportunities.

Since 1973, the founders of Resurgence Group have been intimately involved with every aspect of corporate and commercial real estate development including many environmentally impaired sites known as “brownfields”. This unique combination of experience lends an open-minded approach to every project, evaluating and identifying a property’s true value and ultimate reuse which creates a functional plan for success that is both logical and uncomplicated.

Our past interaction with residents living around our projects helps us to understand the importance of respecting the potential impact of redeveloping even the smallest site. Therefore, regardless of the ultimate end use - residential, retail, industrial or commercial - the redevelopment proposals that Resurgence Group initiate or support will benefit the existing population while attracting the appropriate base of business owners and residents.

Whether a project involves the basic components of a traditional real estate transaction or is exceptionally challenged, Resurgence Group makes certain that all aspects and details are addressed and monitored. We carefully manage the complexities and nuances of regulatory policies, private and public financing, community relations, and political sensitivities.


  • Real Estate Development/Redevelopment Management
  • Brownfield/Greyfield Analysis and Recovery
  • LEED Certification Consulting
  • Real Estate Project Support
  • Corporate Excess Property Disposition Management
  • Grant Tracking/Writing (including JRS, CORF & COAF)